The conceptual philosophies in the world have propounded many theories for the sake of realisation on the layer of soul without missing the karmayog on the earth. The mankind put maximum efforts to know in detail the region of knowledge. Though we try to divide it in different sections & for the sake of our understanding to match with the knowledge perceived by the outstanding personalities who have always supported to human race for realising the values supportive to life force.

Spirituality & science, if looked into superficially present the different platforms & if one moves deep to understand depth, his analytical mind sprouts to shape something creative with support of these two unbreakable pillars. The womb of spiritually has ever received the unlimited challenges and compelled the human race to introspect with the spirit of intellect,logic
essentially congenial for comfortable co-herence . The world seeks to find out the discernible pearls to make heal the minds of the millions and existing lots of mankind on the earth. The pearls of spirituality and science if one tries to find out, though confuse the person who tries to seek adequacy in between them is certainly inseparable and difficult to analyse on the plain of so called intellectualism.

The eastern philosophers in Vedic literature , Upnishads , vedik philosophy permeated silently the unbreakable laws of chaitanya which is all pervading and concerned with the soul. All those philosophers are taken on the critical platform by the different personalities & the run ways of Guru and disciples emerged in the world. The salvation concept in the spiritual region allows to insist on the concept of “Vidya” so the meaning of the word of Vidya is accepted universally as the thing which relieves the living beings from the cage of ignorance.

Science predicts, it has a practical orientation and at the same time on the laborious efforts of brain concentration. It slowly tries to establish logic of its own with the help of which man can experience the role of science supportive to his life style. The life force which exists behind the science is concerned with spirituality and actuality sought by science is appreciated certainly in the region of logical and scientific efforts.

The traditional spiritual pathways which comes under the name “Dharma”, though are becoming dim in the form of different karmas and actions, in renewed fashion will certainly come before the living beings as per the need arises from time to time. The source of science is also the wants of living beings to safeguard their lives.

The exact analysis of spirituality and science is possible. The interpreters of eternal laws tolerated many internal clumsy systems and at the same time fought with the outward battles and established through their own experiences the eternal laws in relation to unshakeable principles. Science occupies an appreciable platform essentially good for the living organisms.

Occasionally unobserved friendship between spirituality and science is unforgettable. The word friendship fails short since the science comes out from the womb of spirituality. The world’s classics denote the ethical principles for safe guarding the living systems comfortable for the entities. The science produces no doubt, the things essential to human needs and spirituality deals with the fundamental want of knowing the self.

The widest platform of the world essentially demand the visible/ invisible aids. This demand is for winning human objectives and fulfilling the basic needs. This links science and spirituality. The spirituality is ultimate and science is the journey towards the ultimate. The eminent personalities in the world always honoured auspiciously the logical way of life, connected with scientific efforts simultaneously they put maximum efforts to consider the inner values concerning with the spirituality.

Overall to say need of ‘Tap’ plays an ultimate role of keeping us busy on both the platforms namely science and spirituality. Mysticism is a word which initiates the ethical platform along with the attitude for self realisation. The word science heals the brain for logical behaviour and establishment. Logic is like all the pervading principle which gives scope for self realisation.